The following links are designed to help you with your upcoming home financing. Please call or email with any questions or concerns. 

I'd be happy to give you names of loan officers who have access to any type of loan for any type of financial situation.  Credit repair services are available for those of you who want to buy a home but know your credit needs some work first.  Don't worry - together we can get you into your new home!

Qualifying Calculator

How much income does it take you to qualify for a particular home?  This calculator will tell you.  However, you may want to adjust the qualifying ratios to 33/38 or whatever your local lender recommends.


Affordability Calculator

How much house can you afford with your income?  This calculator helps and is designed for those putting less than twenty percent down. 


Rent vs. Own

Rents have risen considerably recently.  This calculator helps to show what your net gain may be in owning rather than renting, taking many considerations into account